One refuses to answer the media’s questions. The other plays for a team that probably wishes he’d do the same.

But get Marshawn Lynch and Rob Gronkowski in the same room together, and hilarity will ensue.

That’s exactly what Conan O’Brien did in a spot for his late-night show, sitting the Seattle Seahawks running back and the New England Patriots tight end down to do battleĀ in the upcoming video game “Mortal Kombat X.”

The clip is just a preview — the full segment will air Thursday — but one minute was enough to produce plenty of hilarious moments. As sure as the sun sets at night, Gronk managed to slip in an inappropriate joke about Viagra, while Lynch asked Conan “What you on?” before dissolving into laughter for pretty much the rest of the video.

Lynch and Gronk will square off on the gridiron Sunday in what should be a very entertaining Super Bowl XLIX. But this segment looks like it will set the bar pretty high.