Most 37-year-olds probably don’t spend too much time thinking about minor incidents from middle school, but Kanye West is not most 37-year-olds.

The polarizing rapper appeared on New York’s Power 105.1 radio show “The Breakfast Club” on Friday and revealed that he’s still bitter about not making his eighth-grade basketball team. West claims he delivered an incredible tryout, sinking every free throw and every layup, but he still didn’t make the cut.

“If you see something that’s great, you got to respect it,” West said. “I remember I was trying to get on the basketball team in eighth grade. I hit every free throw, hit every layup, and I looked at the list, and I wasn’t on the list. And then the coach just gave me the Kanye shrug. … You’re not going to have somebody hit all the shots and you not give them that credit.”

But West’s story about what could have been didn’t just come out of left field. The rapper related his basketball team snub to Beyonce’s career (of course), basically saying the singer is hitting all the shots without getting recognition.