Greg Hardy just doesn’t get it.

The Dallas Cowboys defensive end has been in the middle of a firestorm since returning from a four-game suspension for alleged domestic abuse. And yet, he still continues to make an ass out of himself.

The latest instance was discovered Wednesday morning, and it had to do with his Twitter bio. Apparently, Hardy changed the bio to read “Innocent until proven guilty” in the first line.

Hardy, as everyone knows, was accused of beating up his then-girlfriend after a night of partying last year. Just last week, Deadspin released previously sealed photos of Hardy’s ex-girlfriend, showing her bruised and battered body.

Also last week, the charges against Hardy were expunged from his record. He was found guilty of the charges, in fact, but the case was thrown out on appeal after the accuser stopped cooperating with authorities. Hardy eventually was suspended 10 games by the NFL, a ban that was reduced to four games. He signed with the Dallas Cowboys in the offseason and made his NFL debut in Week 5 against the New England Patriots.

Perhaps just as bad is the rest of the bio.

“Lack of knowledge and information is just ignorance – the unjust prejudicial treatment of (different) categories of people is discrimination,” it reads.

Because, yeah, anyone who’s read through the police reports, seen the photos released by Deadspin and know that the case went to court where he was found guilty are discriminating by coming to the conclusion that, “You know what? This doesn’t look good for Greg Hardy. He might be a bad dude.”

Unsurprisingly, he ended up changing the bio.

Greg Hardy bio

Cowboys management, most notably owner Jerry Jones, has continued to stand by Hardy. Jones released a statement shortly after the photos were released last week claiming the team never saw the aforementioned photos — although the NFL did. Jones also emphasized the Cowboys were committed to giving Hardy a second chance.

This isn’t even the first time Hardy’s screwed up since being reinstated. He acted like a dope in making comments some saw as off-color about Tom Brady and his wife prior to the Week 5 matchup, and Hardy also got into it with the coaching staff and teammates in a recent game against the New York Giants. Of course, it’s a lot easier for Jones and the Cowboys to stick by giving Hardy a second chance when he continues to be one of the NFL’s elite pass rushers.

If the Cowboys haven’t done anything yet, it’s unlikely something like a Twitter bio is going to prompt any change. But it’s becoming more and more clear Hardy needs some sort of help. He certainly seems to have a distorted view of reality, and his violent past speaks for itself. The fact that he gets paid to chase around and hit other human beings every week probably doesn’t help matters, either. Hopefully he gets whatever help he seems to need before it’s too late.

h/t to Bleacher Report
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