Patriots Fan In Maine One Of Eight People To Never Miss A Super Bowl


Most people would be happy to go to a single Super Bowl in their lifetime, but there are a handful of people who have been to all 49. And one of them is a New England Patriots fan in Kennebunkport, Maine.

Sports Illustrated’s “The MMQB” is traveling the country writing stories of the history of the NFL’s championship leading up to Super Bowl 50, and it starts with a profile on Don Crisman, who’s one of just eight people who’ve attended every single Super Bowl.

Crisman is 79 and a retired telecommunications equipment salesman, and his home is filled with memorabilia from 49 years worth of Super Bowls. He told SI’s Kaylen Kahler that he went to the Super Bowl I with a friend who got tickets from his company.

“Not a lot of people wanted tickets at that time,” Crisman said.

But after Crisman watched the game, he knew the Super Bowl was going to be big, so he kept going. His wife, Beverly, joins him on the trip to every city — she doesn’t always go to the game — and the other members of his Never-Miss-A-Super-Bowl Club, Pittsburgh Steelers fan Tom Henschel and San Francisco 49ers fan Larry Jacobson, go, too. Super Bowl III between the New York Jets and Baltimore Colts, Super Bowl XXXVI (the Patriots’ first win) and Super Bowl XLIX are Crisman’s favorites so far.

The NFL started setting aside tickets that the Never-Miss-A-Super-Bowl Club could purchase for face value a while ago, but the league is pulling out all the stops for their golden year. Crisman, his wife, Henschel and Jacobson have tickets on the 50-yard line, a hotel and airfare all covered by the NFL.

“It’s a great moment,” Crisman told Kahler while looking at his four tickets. “I know I am going again.”

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