Steelers Fan Lists Friend’s House For Super Bowl Tickets As Prank (Video)


One Pittsburgh Steelers fan gave NFL fans everywhere a warning not to be too cocky if your team beats your friend’s team in the playoffs.

Denver Broncos fan Brian Lusk recently started receiving phone calls from incredulous buyers asking if the deal they saw was true. They had seen an ad in various magazines and Denver papers claiming he was getting divorced and would sell his three-bedroom, two-bathroom house in Erie, Penn., for two Super Bowl 50 tickets with airfare and lodging.

Lusk told Denver’s KUSA-TV he thought the callers had the wrong number, but he then found the ad his Steelers fan friend had planted. Apparently, Lusk’s head was a little too big after the Broncos beat Pittsburgh 23-16 in the AFC divisional round.

Lusk, of course, isn’t selling the house he and his family moved into six months ago, and he’s not getting a divorce. But the phone calls still are rolling in.

Once he gets the calls to stop, though, he hopes his fellow Broncos fans will help him think of a way to get back at his friend.

Thumbnail photo via A Steelers fan lists his Broncos fan friend's house asking for Super Bowl tickets in exchange

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