Batmobile’s New Weapon Upgrades Have It Looking Ready For Warfare


We don’t know much about the forthcoming “Justice League” movie. But if the Batmobile offers any indication, Bruce Wayne is gearing up for quite the battle — or he’s developed a serious disdain for jaywalkers.

Zack Synder, director of “Justice League” as well as “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” posted a photo of the upgraded Batmobile to his Vero account Sunday that’s since made its rounds on social media — according to CNET — and it’s safe to say firepower won’t be an issue for Batman.

The advanced weaponry on the vehicle’s hood should keep Batman, who’s never really had issues with resources, happy for the time being.

“Upgrades… what are you worried about Wayne,” Snyder wrote in the photo’s caption, via CNET.

Say what you want about the direction Snyder’s taken the “Batman” franchise, but the upgrades are pretty cool. If you ask us, however, they pale in comparison to what Lego has done with the Batmobile lately.

Thumbnail photo via YouTube/FilmJunkee

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