Watching Volvo’s 2018 XC60 Go Through Crash Tests Is Strangely Addictive


Volvo’s 2018 XC60, like most of its models, features some pretty impressive safety features. But just because the company is focusing on technology that helps cars avoid collisions, doesn’t mean Volvo isn’t still putting its vehicles through intense safety tests.

Volvo has its own way of doing things, which includes producing some crash-test videos that are as well-made as they are entertaining. Three separate YouTube videos uploaded by VolvoSafety showcases just how much of a beating the XC60 can take.

It’s hard to believe after one complete roll the only visible damage to the outside of the SUV was a broken mirror. In a head-collision, the XC60 did equally as good a job localizing the damage.  If that wasn’t enough, Volvo launched the new crossover into a wall, and captured the footage from multiple angles.

The XC60 took a bit more of a beating in the 25 percent overlap crash, but even still, the in-cabin cameras reveal the occupant would have walked away without serious injury.

When shown in slo-mo, the spraying of metal and parts makes the XC60 look like it’s in the midst of a “Transformers” battle, rather than a crash test. Volvo has made pretty good use of these these types of tests over the years, as the Swedish automaker is responsible for many of the most important safety innovations in automotive history.

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