Here’s Why You Should Never Put Cheap, Mismatched Tires On Your Vehicle


Buying new tires for a vehicle is something no one wants to do. They can be expensive, and it always seems like you just put a new pair on a couple months prior. The inevitable bill can persuade some people to shop for cheap rubber — but that’s a huge mistake.

In a video uploaded to YouTube on Sunday, Engineering Explained’s Jason Fenske demonstrates the issues cheap tires can create for vehicles. Penske swapped the cheap, mismatched tires on his Honda S2000 for brand-new Bridgestones. As you might expect, the differences between the tires are pretty staggering.

As you can see, after various brake tests, the cheap Fuzion VRI tires progressively get worse, whereas the new Bridgestone RE-71R set continuously improves. In addition to greatly reducing the risk of encountering a flat on the road, new tires considerably improve the handling of your vehicle.

Clearly, if you’re trying to find your car a new pair of kicks, it’s better to go to the Nike store than to shop at Payless.

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