Nintendo Switch owners have been patiently waiting for big games to release for the system. And although major releases are on the way, one of the industry’s most popular games probably won’t be one of them.

In a recent interview with Express Online, “Overwatch” director Jeff Kaplan talked about the various things that could make porting the game onto Switch difficult. Among other reasons, the system’s hardware limitations appear to present a major roadblock.

“I think the problem is, we’ve really targeted our min spec in a way that we would have to revisit performance and how to get on that platform,” Kaplan told Express Online. “And also, it’s already challenging right now maintaining three platforms and patching simultaneously, which is something that we’ve finally been able to achieve.”

“Overwatch” already is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, and the difficulty involved in maintaining and patching the game across three platforms might not leave room for Switch to join the party.

“Adding a third ecosystem to that just adds a lot of complexity for us,” Kaplan said.

It’s not all that surprising to hear Switch’s limited hardware performance is turning away some developers. Still, this type of rhetoric also surrounded the Wii U and created something of a snowball that never was able to reverse course.

Thumbnail photo via Flickr/Tim Bartel