Time Lapse Shows Carburetor Getting Taken Apart, Rebuilt In Three Minutes


Before fuel injection came around, most car engines relied on carburetors in order to work properly. But just because they’ve been mostly relegated to powering small engines found in equipment such as lawn mowers doesn’t mean carburetors are any less fascinating.

In a video posted to Hagerty’s YouTube on Wednesday, Davin Reckow disassembles a Holley 4346 carburetor and puts it all back together. The process surely took Reckow a lot of time and effort, but with the benefit of time lapse, viewers can watch the rebuild in a neatly packaged three minutes.

The Holley 4346 can be found in vintage Chevrolet Chevelles and Cameros, and can help engines in those vehicles produce up to 375 horsepower.

Clearly, rebuilding a carburetor — or other automotive parts — isn’t as quick and easy as Hagerty’s time lapses often make it look. Still, it’s pretty cool to see something so complex be made to look so simple.

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