Isaiah Thomas has proved his toughness over the past two weeks.

But in case you needed another reminder, the Boston Celtics guard put his tenacity on display Sunday during Game 1 of his team’s second-round NBA playoff matchup against the Washington Wizards.

While attempting to break up a pass from Wizards guard John Wall early in the first quarter, Thomas caught an elbow to the face from forward Otto Porter Jr., which promptly knocked out one of Thomas’ teeth.

Hilariously, Thomas had the wherewithal to retrieve the tooth and bring it to the sidelines.

Just to make the sequence even more awesome, Thomas stayed in the game and buried 3-pointers on the next two Celtics possessions. The All-Star point guard finally came out during a break in the action, allowing Boston’s training staff to perform some bang-up dentistry.

We’re not sure what Thomas has planned for after the game, but an official trip to the dentist might be in order.