Amazon’s Echo Show Turns Every Room In Your House Into Smartphone


Amazon’s virtual assistant, Alexa, offers users access to smartphone-like functionality without them having to lift a finger. But without some type of screen, it doesn’t have nearly as many features as it could — or rather, it didn’t.


Amazon on Tuesday revealed Echo Show, its latest device embedded with Alexa’s artificially intelligent voice. Unlike previous Echo products, including the recently revealed Echo Look, Show will feature a built-in touch screen and video chat capability.

The company frames it as perfect for phoning somebody while you’re cooking, or checking your baby’s crib when you’re too lazy to get up. However, it’s hard not to view Echo Show as Alexa’s next evolutionary step toward becoming a real-life Pat from the 1999 Disney movie “Smart House.”

Considering Amazon someday wants you to hold 20-minute conversations with Alexa, it might not be long before she’s the pillow-talk companion you’ve been looking for.

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