Car Rolls Twice In World Rallycross Belgium; Driver Walks Away Unharmed

Team Peugeot-Hansen seemingly experienced every emotion possible during the recent World Rallycross Championship race.

In the Mettet RX in Belgium on Sunday, two of the team’s three drivers’ days were cut short by massive accidents. But the one pilot who did see the checkered flag at the end of the final event, did so ahead of the rest of the field.

TPH’s first crash of the weekend came when Kevin Hansen was chasing down Toomas Heikkinen during the third qualifying heat. Hansen was turning into a quick left-right chicane, over-rotated and hit a tire barrier with his right-rear quarter panel, sending his Peugeot 208 WRX into a double barrel roll.

Thankfully for the team, the 18-year-old Hansen walked away from the incident without injury. Though it didn’t take long for another accident to cause the crew’s blood pressure to spike.

During Semifinal 1, veteran Sebastien Loeb was bumped while in midair over a jump, causing him to go head-on into a tire barrier once he landed.

Like his teammate, Loeb also was uninjured in his wreck. With the way its luck had been going, TPH probably wanted to pack up and try again at Lydden Hill Circuit on May 26, but its final driver, Timmy Hansen, still had to compete in the final.

Not only did the 24-year-old Hansen participate in it, he won by putting together what he called “some of the best laps I have ever posted in rallycross,” according to Peugeot Sport.