LaVar Ball Potty-Trained His Sons Using Completely Insane Method


LaVar Ball burst into the public eye six months ago with his brash nature and outlandish claims, but the father of star NBA prospect Lonzo Ball has been planning this for much longer.

A recent feature story by ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne casts light on LaVar’s master plan, and one of the most interesting nuggets in the piece is how the father of three NBA prospects potty-trained his boys.

“LaVar has been at this for two decades now,” Shelburne wrote. “A personal trainer by trade, he’s been shaping his own kids from sunrise to sundown since they were born, loading them up with food, swagger and tough love. He says he had them walking by the time they were 8 months and potty-trained by 10 months.”

That’s right, the loudmouthed LaVar had his boys potty-trained by 10 months old. But how? That’s where it gets good.

“I put a scarf under their arms and I just hold them up like a bungee cord so they get their balance,” Ball said, per Shelburne. “Nobody had Pampers on. I’d wake their ass up in the middle of the night, put them on the toilet. Their cold ass hit that seat, so it was like a mechanism. Cold ass, piss. Now go back to sleep.”

LaVar went on to discuss how he met his wife, Tina, and that he was attracted to her because she would give him tall boys. LaVar also was sure he would have boys and not girls.

“I don’t put out no girls. … Me being alpha dog in our family, I’m gonna have boys,” he said, via Shelburne. “Gimme three boys.”

Lonzo likely will have to answer for his father’s brashness once he gets to the NBA, but that’s just another step in LaVar’s plan, and it all started long ago, with potty training.

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