When people think of stunts, they usually think of Evil Knievel sending his motorcycle over fountains in Las Vegas. The guys at Dude Perfect, though, do things a little differently.

The bros uploaded a video Monday to their popular YouTube channel showcasing the dudes’ version of a stunt-drive battle. Whether it’s drifting a Ford Fiesta into a parking spot or navigating makeshift go-karts through obstacle courses, these guys sure know how to spend a day at the office.

While the parallel-park and cardboard-cutout challenges seemed reasonably fair, we’re calling shenanigans on the final kart race. We’re not saying the course has to look like Talladega Superspeedway, but at least leave a little room for passing.

Personally, we’re more fond of airborne stunts where the risk of danger is cranked to another level, but this battle still looks like a ton of fun.