When Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez are in the same room, there’s a good chance things will get awkward. But this was a whole different level of uncomfortable.

The former Yankees teammates joined CNBC’s Bob Pisani for an interview Tuesday at a charitable event in New York, and it appeared things would be just fine — until Pisani started talking.

What followed was a nearly five-minute trainwreck that featured more painful moments than Jeter and A-Rod have World Series rings.

Where to begin here?

Well, Pisani made things awkward right off the bat by referencing their alleged differences while playing together in New York: “You guys are friends now, is that what’s going on?”

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Pisani references a laundry list of uncomfortable topics for both ex-players, including Rodriguez’s relationship with Jennifer Lopez, Jeter’s rumored interest in buying the Miami Marlins and Jeter not attending the Met Gala. At one point, A-Rod even turned to Jeter in disbelief and said, “This interview’s going in all kinds of places, huh?”

And we haven’t even mentioned Pisani accidentally calling Jeter “Alex” or asking him the same question twice about his charity.

Rodriguez, now a baseball analyst for FOX Sports, used some well-timed comments to keep this thing from going completely off the rails. But we’d imagine A-Rod and Jeter might be turning down joint interview requests in the future.

Thumbnail photo via Joy R. Absalon/USA TODAY Sports Images