Former GM Executive Says New Ford Mustang Is Better Than Chevy Camaro


Ford and General Motors have been duking it out since the 1960s to see which one can make the best pony car. And Ford seems to have found an unlikely supporter in the latest round of the never-ending title fight.

Industry insider Bob Lutz recently revealed that he thinks the sixth-generation Ford Mustang clearly is better than the sixth-gen Chevrolet Camaro, via Road & Track.

“The minute I saw the new Mustang and the new Camaro, I knew Ford had won this round,” Lutz said. “The Mustang is a design masterpiece: sleek, semi-European, yet still a Mustang. Independent rear suspension or not, it is a winner.”

Lutz, a veteran automotive executive, has worked for most major manufacturers — including Ford — throughout his career. His stamp of approval on the Mustang carries a bit more weight, though, as he’s most known for his nine-year stay at GM.

Considering Lutz thinks the Camaro’s stagnated styling is the reason the current model “sinks into quasi-irrelevance,” the gap between Ford and Chevy’s pony cars seemingly will grow larger in 2018.

In addition to a host of new performance features such as line lock and Drag Strip Mode, the 2018 Mustang will get subtle Darth Vader-inspired design tweaks that make it look even more aggressive.

Thumbnail photo via Ford

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