What is with Aqib Talib’s obsession with Michael Crabtree’s necklace?

Last year, the Denver Broncos cornerback snatched Crabtree’s chain during a heated altercation. And it happened again Sunday when the Broncos and the Oakland Raiders got into a massive brawl that resulted in multiple players, including Talib and Crabtree, being ejected.

Here’s the first time Talib yanked Crabtree’s chain:

And here’s the sequel:

This is just bizarre.

Personally, we understand why Crabtree would get upset with Talib always breaking his chain, as those things typically aren’t cheap. However, wearing an easily snatchable piece of jewelry around your neck during an NFL game probably isn’t the best idea, as it presents an obvious safety hazard.

But hey, sometimes looking cool and throwing punches is more important than getting a W.

Thumbnail photo via Neville E. Guard/USA TODAY Sports Images