Few people got to know Terry Glenn quite like Drew Bledsoe did.

Glenn grew close with the former New England Patriots quarterback as the two played for a combined six seasons together between the Patriots and Dallas Cowboys. Glenn certainly had his fair share of struggles, but Bledsoe was able to get to know him on a much deeper, personal level. And following his passing Monday morning in an automobile accident, Bledsoe penned a euology in Sports Illustrated about his former receiver.

He goes beyond football, but does note how Glenn was the best receiver he had ever thrown to. But what is more compelling — and heart wrenching at that — is how Glenn grew as a person.

“My buddy grew up in the worst of circumstances,” Bledsoe wrote. “When I finally took the time to try to see the world through his eyes he told me, ‘Everyone I ever loved or trusted either betrayed me or died. I decided I just wouldn’t let anyone in so I wouldn’t get hurt anymore.’ That recognition ultimately allowed him to slowly come around and learn to love and trust people.”

Bledsoe went on to note that when the two were reunited in Dallas, Glenn had grown tremendously. And though they had not communicated much upon their respective football careers ending, the connection between the two was palpable.

“We talked a few times about getting together for some golf and then grabbing a football and hitting the field for a few routes,” Bledsoe wrote. “I was really looking forward to throwing him just one more Dino Post, one more out route. We had a connection. I knew where he was going to be and could let it fly. I can see it so clearly even now …”

Thumbnail photo via New England Patriots