At this point, the Seattle Seahawks must be asking themselves, “Was it really worth it?”

During the third quarter of the Seahawks’ 22-16 win over the Arizona Cardinals on Thursday, Wilson took a big shot from linebacker Karlos Dansby. The Seattle quarterback was sent off to get checked for a concussion, but he went into the medical tent for just a few seconds before reentering the game — far too short of a time frame to properly go through the concussion protocol.

The NFL determined a violation took place, which could spell trouble for the Seahawks.

“The Seahawks face a fine and possible loss of draft picks for the mishandling of Wilson’s case,” Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman reported Wednesday, citing league sources.

Here’s a look at the hit and Wilson’s visit to the medical tent:

Backup quarterback Austin Davis ran one play before being replaced by Wilson.

After the drive finished two plays later, Wilson reentered the tent for more time than the initial visit. He was back on the field the next drive and finished the game.

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