A lot went wrong in Ben McAdoo’s second season as the head coach of the New York Giants, but for longtime radio host Mike Francesa, the problem started with the recently-canned coach’s attire.

McAdoo was fired by the Giants on Dec. 4, leading to numerous rants on WFAN by Francesa on the coach’s shortcomings.

Francesa was asked what went wrong with McAdoo this season after winning 11 games last in the 2016 campaign on NFL Network’s “Good Morning Football,” and the conversation got off to an interesting start.

“First of all something happened with Ben, and I don’t know what,” Francesa said. “When I got to training camp this year, he didn’t look like the same guy. He slicked his hair back, he was trying to do a Pat Riley and he couldn’t do Pat Riley. He had the worst clothes of any coach I ever saw.”

Interesting enough, but when asked if the choice of attire was even relevant, Francesa doubled down and went on a bizarre aside about Riley in a suit.

“It does matter in New York, I mean his suit was ill-fitting when he went to his press conference, and that doesn’t work in New York, especially when you have guys like Pat Riley,” Francesa continued. “The only guy I ever saw look better in a suit than Pat Riley was Michael Jordan, I mean Pat Riley looked great in a suit. So it does matter.”

After spending a while trashing McAdoo’s style, Francesa ultimately did answer what he thought went wrong.

Take a listen to his full take on why things went south with McAdoo:

Maybe once Francesa’s time with WFAN draws to a close, he will be able to score a great part-time retirement gig in fashion retail.

Thumbnail photo via Kelley L Cox/USA TODAY Sports Images