Colts Hire Frank Reich As HC, Poke Fun At Themselves Over Josh McDaniels Saga

The Indianapolis Colts didn’t lose their sense of humor when Josh McDaniels left them at the alter Tuesday night.

The New England Patriots offensive coordinator had agreed to become the Colts’ new head coach, but had a last-second change of heart, electing to stay with the Pats.

So when the Colts agreed to hire Philadelphia Eagles offensive coordinator Frank Reich as their head coach Sunday, Twitter immediately asked for the receipts, wanting to make sure the Colts didn’t get left hanging again.

And the Colts had no problem poking fun at themselves.

Well played, Colts.

Whether McDaniels was promised to be Bill Belichick’s successor or his reversal was part of Robert Kraft’s vengeance for Deflategate we may never know, but we do know Indianapolis’ social media handler deserves a raise.