LeBron James can opt out of his contract this summer, meaning the best player on the planet once again has the chance to shift the NBA’s balance of power.

That process may start with a phone call.

While discussing offseason landing spots for potential free agent Paul George, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski suggested Tuesday that George and James plan to discuss the possibility of teaming up together on the Los Angeles Lakers.

“The most intriguing scenario remains (George) partnering with LeBron James on Los Angeles,” Wojnarowski said on ESPN’s “NBA Draft: On the Clock” show, via Def Pen Sports’ Rob Lopez.

“Because Paul George alone doesn’t make them a championship contender, but partnering with LeBron, walking in the door … there’s a fairly easy pathway for the Lakers to get that salary cap space. That’s going to be a conversation or conversations those guys are going to have once we get toward July.”

This isn’t exactly groundbreaking news. The Lakers reportedly are one of the clubs on James’ shortlist should he leave the Cleveland Cavaliers, while George, an L.A. native, long has been tied to his hometown team in free agent and trade rumors.

But it’s notable that two perennial All-Stars may discuss joining forces: George is mulling picking up his player option and staying with the Oklahoma City Thunder for one more season, but James certainly could talk him into bolting for greener pastures.