Colin Cowherd is loving life on the New England Patriots bandwagon.

The FS1 talking head has been effusive in his praise of Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and Co. all season. And that trended continued Monday morning in the wake of New England’s 24-10 victory over the Minnesota Vikings.

Cowherd said a lot — including that he believes the Patriots are Super Bowl-bound — but the most important bit came when he was discussing New England’s remarkable consistency. Essentially, the “Herd with Colin Cowherd” host believes the most remarkable thing about the Patriots is that, year in and year out, they look, play and conduct themselves in virtually identical fashion.

“You literally could take the tape of yesterday’s Vikings game … eight years ago, looks the exact same,” Cowherd said. “It’s a Starbucks — doesn’t matter what city you go to.

“A well-run business is a replica of itself over and over and over.”

Colin was all about metaphors in that take.

“IBM on cleats?” “Google in a helmet?” Can’t say we’ve ever heard those before.