Parting ways with a generational player seems foolish, right?

Well, in the case of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Shannon Sharpe believes it could be in the best interest of the franchise.

It’s only fitting the Steelers’ 2018 season ended up with a heap of drama. Antonio Brown was sidelined for Pittsburgh’s must-win Week 17 contest, and it was later reported the star wide receiver has requested a trade from the team that drafted him in 2010.

Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin threw some cold water on this chatter Wednesday when he made it clear that Brown had not requested a trade. But if you ask Sharpe, Pittsburgh should look to move on from the seven-time Pro Bowl selection regardless of his desires.

A lot of what Sharpe says is correct. Brown can be quite the headache at times, and the Steelers almost routinely have failed to meet expectations throughout his time with the club. That said, Brown can’t be tabbed with all of Pittsburgh’s shortcomings and in-house issues, and his presence undoubtedly makes the Steelers a better team.

But stranger things have happened in the NFL, and it’s entirely possible Pittsburgh simply has run out of patience for Brown.

Thumbnail photo via Douglas DeFelice/USA TODAY Sports