Do you even lift, bro?

Notre Dame’s punter does, that’s for sure.

Tyler Newsome benched 225 pounds 30 times during the Fighting Irish’s Pro Day on Wednesday.

Yes, you read that right; he’s a punter.

Only 12 players put up at least 30 reps in the bench press at the NFL Combine last month, 11 of which were either offensive and defensive lineman.

And in case his strength is not enough to sell you, he’s rocking an absolutely vicious mullet as well.


Notre Dame punter Tyler Newsome

Matt Cashore/USA TODAY Sports Images

Oh, he’s not a bad punter either, setting a career high with 44.7 yards per kick in 2018 and placing 19 of his 53 punts inside the 20-yard line.

Someone contact Mel Kiper Jr. because he’s got some adjustments to make on his draft board.

Thumbnail photo via Matt Cashore/USA TODAY Sports Images