The New England Patriots have a few areas they will be looking to improve in the NFL draft, which starts Thursday night.

One of those areas likely will be the tight end position. With Rob Gronkowski now retired, the Patriots surely will be looking to shore up the position. While finding someone with the same skill set as Gronkowski seems virtually impossible, someone has to fill the spot.

So why not get a little creative? That’s what Julian Edelman was thinking Wednesday when he made an enticing attempt to recruit one of the top college athletes out there.

What? You thought we meant a football player?

Apparently, Edelman thinks Zion Williamson declared for the wrong draft.

Tight end seems like the top priority for the Patriots, at least among the players. Tom Brady took to Twitter on Tuesday night, trying to recruit Zdeno Chara to put the pads on.

Could you imagine a double tight end set with Chara and Williamson?

We’re sold. Adjust your mock drafts accordingly.

Thumbnail photo via Brian Fluharty/USA TODAY Sports Images