Courtney Williams may be one of the smallest players on the Connecticut Sun, standing at 5-foot-8, but her contagious attitude and success on the court certainly make up for that.

Williams says her swagger comes from her father.

“Ever since I was little, he always told me, ‘If you want to talk it, you’d better back it up.’ And he always told me to talk it so I always had to make sure I could back it up,” she said, per WTNH-TV Sports’ John Pierson.

Teammate Jasmine Thomas loves the energy Williams brings both on and off the court.

“Her energy, her positivity, she believes in everybody,” she said. “She hypes up every single person on this team. You might not get in the game, and she will just come near you and make you feel like, ‘Okay, if they do put me in there, I’m ready.’ ”

(You can check out the full clip here.)

Thumbnail photo via Chris Poss/Connecticut Sun