You don’t have to be a Patriots fan to appreciate New England’s newest Super Bowl ring.

It’s huge, it’s shiny and, according to former New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz, it’s a downright “sexy” piece of jewelry.

Cruz, who suited up for the Giants in New York’s Super Bowl XLVI win over New England to cap off the 2011 NFL season, couldn’t help but marvel at the rings the Patriots received last week to commemorate Tom Brady and Co.’s Super Bowl LIII victory over the Los Angeles Rams.

“It’s a good-looking ring,” Cruz said on ESPN’s “NFL Live” over the weekend. “I like that they’ve got all six Lombardi Trophies in there, obviously in diamonds. They squeezed them all in there. And the ring’s just huge. They’ve got blue sapphires on the other side. I mean, it’s just a beautiful ring. You can’t go wrong.”

Cruz owns one championship ring — the 2012 Pro Bowl pick wasn’t yet with the Giants when New York defeated New England in Super Bowl XLII to end the Patriots’ run at a perfect 2007 season — and can speak from experience in explaining how the Super Bowl LIII ring checks all of the boxes. The bigger the better, according to Cruz, and New England’s sixth Super Bowl ring is the largest ever.

“Sometimes they have the meeting of the captains and things like that to come in and kind of talk about the rings and how they want them done,” Cruz said, “and usually the consensus is: Larger, as large as they possibly can. Let’s put the most diamonds on there, the most blue sapphires. Whatever diamonds we want to put on there, let’s make it as large as physically possible.”

Just imagine what Brady’s favorite ring will look like if New England secures a seventh Lombardi Trophy.