Raptors Fans Ignore Kawhi Leonard’s Privacy Request, Flock To Free Agent Meeting Site

All Kawhi Leonard wanted was some peace and quiet.

It doesn’t appear he’s getting it.

The New York Times reported that the star free-agent’s camp warned teams against leaking┬áinfo about their free- agent meetings with him. That was in an effort to make sure Leonard, widely known to be a reserved person, wasn’t hounded by people at each stop.

While that’s a somewhat understandable request, literally everybody in Toronto blew right through that stop sign, beginning with a news station that followed the landing of a plane he supposedly is in.


Well, as long as it is just a chopper following the plane, it’s not that big of a deal, right?

Possibly. But fans waiting outside the hotel where the meeting is supposed to be probably won’t help.


Leonard is a bizarre dude, as we all know. It’ll be interesting to see if him getting absolutely flocked upon arriving at the meeting will have any bearing on his decision.

Thumbnail photo via Ezra Shaw/pool photo via USA TODAY Sports Images

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