How could a story involving players from the Brooklyn Nets, Philadelphia 76ers and tweets from one of those player’s sisters basically be a story all about the Boston Celtics?

Because the NBA is just plain weird.

It might be the understatement of the century to say that Kyrie Irving is among the most detested players in Celtics history. Be it his polarizing personality, shortcomings in the postseason or willingness to go back on his preseason promise and sign with the Brooklyn Nets, Irving almost is universally despised by Green Teamers.

But how do his former teammates feel about him? And how do his former teammates’ family members feel about him?

Those questions (which admittedly are rather nonessential) normally would go unanswered, but thankfully, the world has Anna Horford.

The youngest sister of former Celtic and current 76ers big man Al Horford loves mixing it up on Twitter. Her main focus typically is defending her big brother, but Saturday night, she engaged in a series of Q&As with some of her followers.

One Celtics fan asked Anna whether she preferred Isaiah Thomas or Irving, while another asked her to describe Irving in one emoji. Both her answers probably will go over well in Boston.

Take a look:

Yeah, that’s not a particularly flattering emoji.

Anna also was asked about her thoughts on Celtics head coach Brad Stevens.

Seems like a fair assessment.

Thumbnail photo via Kim Klement/USA TODAY Sports