Bengals fans surely had no trouble staying engaged this week.

It’s been a more-than-forgettable season in Cincinnati, but the franchise found itself in headlines as part of the Patriots’ latest controversy. New England allegedly sent a television production crew to Cleveland last week for Bengals-Browns to film a segment for a documentary series, but the way the crew obtained footage violated league rules. As such, the organization reportedly could face serious punishment, even if the wrongdoing was unintentional.

It should come as no surprise the Patriots were the victims of a little trolling Sunday afternoon at Paul Brown Stadium. One sign read “Film Your Job,” while another read “Who Dey Think They Gonna Film Them Bengals.”

You can check out the signs here.

Unfortunately for Cincinnati fans, the trolling likely was their only source of entertainment in Week 15. The Patriots flexed their muscles against the one-win Bengals, including two interceptions by Stephon Gilmore.

Thumbnail photo via David Kohl/USA TODAY Sports Images