Max Kellerman Lies About 2000 Patriots, Gets Corrected By Damien Woody


Max Kellerman might need a vacation.

The ESPN talking head flat-out embarrassed himself this week while discussing the New England Patriots’ recent videotaping controversy, and he offered more cringe-worthy soundbites during Friday’s “First Take” episode.

Kellerman falsely stated the 2000 Patriots qualified for the playoffs with then-rookie quarterback Tom Brady watching from the sidelines. It was one of multiple bullet points Kellerman used in an effort to craft the latest “Patriots would be fine without Brady” take.

There were just a couple problems, however: The 2000 Patriots went 5-11 and Damien Woody, a member of that team, was sitting across from Kellerman on Friday morning.

Check out this exchange:

Yeah, rough look for Kellerman.

Thumbnail photo via YouTube/ESPN

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