Nick Wright surged to the top of the insufferable-sports-talking-head mountain last year. And, if his recent activity is any indication, Wright won’t be knocked from his perch anytime soon.

The “First Things First” co-host reacted to news of Julian Edelman’s arrest by comparing the New England Patriots wideout to Odell Beckham Jr. We’re not sure why this comparison needed to be made, but Wright attempted to make it nevertheless.

Wright said a lot about Edelman, but this take easily was the worst:

We’ll let the stupidity of that speak for itself.

In response to a fair point from Doug Gottlieb, Wright doubled down on his criticism of Edelman’s 2018 suspension for performance-enhancing substances.

We’d argue all PED suspensions in the NFL get glossed over (and perhaps rightfully so), but whatever.

Here’s one more dig at Edelman:

We’re not sure why Wright is so obsessed with the Patriots, but his bizarre fascination is tough to watch.

Thumbnail photo via Greg M. Cooper/USA TODAY Sports Images