Tom Brady is on his way to Tampa Bay, and people are looking for someone to blame.

So while the Buccaneers come out as winners after signing the 42-year-old quarterback to a two-year deal, New England Patriots fans continue to wonder what went wrong to result in Brady not finishing his career with the team.

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith believes he knows exactly who’s to blame for the departure of Brady.

“He felt there was a flagrant lack of appreciation on the part of Bill Belichick,” Smith said Monday on “First Take.” “And listen, it came down to this. If Bill Belichick had gotten on the phone with Tom Brady a year ago, ‘We love you, we never want to lose you, we don’t give a damn what it takes,’ Tom Brady would still be a New England Patriot.

“Bill Belichick was not willing to do that. He said, ‘Damn that,’ and that is why Tom Brady not only is gone, but he’s been gone since last year. It was a foregone conclusion. We all basically knew it. And in the end, that’s what it comes down to. So clearly, Bill Belichick is the person to point the finger at more than anybody else.”

Someday, the true reason why Brady moved on from the Patriots may come out. But until then, it remains speculation at best.

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