Speculation on who will be the next franchise quarterback for the New England Patriots already has begun just days after Tom Brady announced his departure from the team.

Jarrett Stidham and Brian Hoyer are set to compete for the job this season for the Patriots, and some on-air personalities believe there is a method to that madness.

FOX Sports’ Colin Cowherd, specifically, made a case as to why the Patriots may stick to those two rather than going out and acquiring a quarterback like Andy Dalton from the Cincinnati Bengals.

“So Tom Brady’s gone in New England but it should be noted,” Cowherd said on Monday’s “The Herd.” “I said last week I think what they’re going to do is like Miami did last year. Create a culture, or in New England’s case, maintain it. Not be very good at quarterback and it’s playing hard, playing to win, but losing. And knowing you’re going to lose.

“So the Patriots, Brady’s gone, but it’s a $23 million dead money hit. That is so on New England. They have no quarterback, bottom three or four team in the league in weapons. I don’t think their defense is going to be quite as good. Andy Dalton was on the market by the way. Andy Dalton is better than Jarrett Stidham right now. And he’s better than Brian Hoyer, who they brought back yesterday. Why doesn’t New England go after Andy Dalton? Playoff experience. Cheap. Better than what you have. Why? It’s tanking for Trevor Lawrence.”

It’s difficult to imagine any Bill Belichick team tanking, but considering the salary cap situation and what the offense brings to the table, Cowherd may be on to something.

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