Nick Wright Explains How Cam Newton Is Prepared To Replace Tom Brady

Replacing Tom Brady was going to be a tall task for any quarterback regardless of talent level or skill set.

Nick Wright, however, believes Cam Newton is built to embrace the challenge.

Newton’s game might be lacking in some areas following a pair of serious injuries. But those possible shortcomings would be matched with self-confidence and motivation, which Newton has in spades. Wright believes Newton’s attitude and approach to the game will serve the 2015 NFL MVP well as he takes over for arguably the greatest quarterback in league history.

“…People talk about Cam’s ego and bravado being a negative. In this very specific instance, I think it prepares him better than nearly anyone else in the league to step into the void that Tom Brady has left,” Wright said Tuesday on FS1’s “First Things First.” “Even though Cam knows he hasn’t won six Super Bowls, he knows he’s not Tom Brady, Cam — at his core, I would bet — believes he’s as talented as any other quarterback to ever play and believes he’s going to be able to achieve at his MVP level once again. He’s saying all the right things, but I actually think the way Cam carries himself is going to be a benefit in the weight of replacing Tom Brady not weighing him down.”

The challenge of replacing Brady will be made even more difficult for Newton given the elimination of preseason games and an altered training camp. But as Wright suggests, there’s seemingly no amount of obstacles that could shake Newton’s belief in himself, which might bode well for the Patriots over the course of what could be a very unconventional season.

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