What Is Going On In Enes Kanter’s Totally Disgusting ‘New Pets’ Tweet?

Thanks for this, Enes

Enes Kanter tweeted something Tuesday morning that can be best described as “disturbing.”

For reasons currently unclear, the Boston Celtics big man shared a video of his “new pets” playing around in a bathtub. The animals, clearly created using some sort of software or something, are totally disgusting and look like something out of the movie “Tremors.”

Warning, this might ruin your day:

To be clear: We’re only 98 percent sure those things are fake. There’s at least a two percent chance they’re real and will grow up to destroy planet Earth — because 2020.

As for Kanter, his days in Boston might be numbered.

Thumbnail photo via Bob DeChiara/USA TODAY Sports Images

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