Not only did Tom Brady’s recent Netflix roast reportedly disappoint the former Patriots quarterback’s ex-wife, Gisele Bündchen.

It also might’ve caused problems in Bündchen’s new relationship.

In Touch Weekly reported last week that Bündchen’s romance with jiu-jitsu instructor Joaquim Valente seemingly was on pause, with the NSFW Brady live special perhaps to blame.

“The spotlight was too much for him,” a source told In Touch Weekly. “Joaquim’s a regular guy. He’s not used to all the attention he was getting.”

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The raunchy roast touched on a bunch of subjects, including Brady’s 2022 divorce from Bündchen after 13 years of marriage. Several comedians, including Kevin Hart and Nikki Glaser, dropped jokes that Brady regretted in hindsight given their impact on his children.

But the supposed effect on Bündchen’s relationship with Valente is another interesting wrinkle. Valente reportedly hated that people started asking him whether he was responsible for the divorce.

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“(Bündchen) blames the break (from Valente) on Tom,” the source told In Touch Weekly. “By agreeing to do the roast, he basically put a target on Joaquim’s back.”

Of course, it’s quite possible the whole thing was blown out of proportion. Because Page Six over the weekend published photos of Bündchen and Valente together walking her dog.

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They looked quite cozy on the stroll, and PEOPLE reported Monday that Bündchen is in a good place in her life despite rumors of a split from Valente.

“She is secure and happy, and so busy with her life that she doesn’t have time to dwell on the negatives out there,” the source told PEOPLE.

A source also told PEOPLE that Bündchen and Valente have a “close relationship, but not a serious love affair.”

So, as with most celebrity gossip, take everything with a grain of salt. The Brady Netflix special sure created shockwaves, though, with new developments still coming to light more than a month later.

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Featured image via Eric Canha/USA TODAY Sports Images