Chad Ochocinco, Tom Brady Lead List of Top 10 Player Prop Bets for Super Bowl XLVI


Chad Ochocinco, Tom Brady Lead List of Top 10 Player Prop Bets for Super Bowl XLVIMany traditions go hand in hand with the Super Bowl. But whereas eating entire trays of chicken wings or slugging back an iced cold beer is considered a pasttime in some circles, the ritual of gambling may be the one that resonates most.

According to Forbes, Las Vegas is expecting more than $100 million to be wagered on Sunday's Super Bowl XLVI and that's not even considering the money expected to change hands from office pools, barroom bets and living room parlays.

While many avid football fans plan on throwing down money on their team in hopes of making a quick buck come Sunday, some like to wager on the more obscure elements of the game to keep entertained. That's where the art of the prop bet comes into play.

Prop bets can come in many different forms, covering just about anything from the typical team-oriented prop bets to some more fun and entertaining "party" prop bets. The bets can typically include anything from "how many touchdowns Tom Brady will throw?" down to "how long it takes Kelly Clarkson to sing the national anthem?"

This style of intimate and innocuous gambling can offer a fun and entertaining way to enjoy
Sunday's big game.

As usual, when it comes to betting on Super Sunday, nothing is off limits.

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