Despite Boasting Top Odds, Betting Public Doesn’t Love Celtics In 2023

Does the public really believe the Lakers have a better shot than the Celtics?


Aug 23, 2022

Much has been made about the Boston Celtics’ offseason and potential moving into 2023 over the last few months.

After adding some depth pieces and returning all of their key players from the 2022 NBA Finals run, the Celtics are in a prime position to finally get over the hump in 2023. Just ask bookmakers like BetMGM, who currently lists Boston (+500) with the best odds to win it all next season.

The betting public? Well, they aren’t so convinced.

According to BetMGM sportsbook data specialist Drew O’Dell, the Celtics have received the third-highest total bet count and the seventh-highest percentage of the handle on potential 2023 NBA Finals champions odds.

Boston (8.4%) trails the Golden State Warriors (11.8%) and Los Angeles Lakers (8.5%) in total bet percentage, a shocking bronze finish when you consider where the Lakers were as an organization last season. The Lakers finished 11th in the Western Conference in 2021, winning a total of 33 games. That is the lowest number of total wins for a team LeBron James has ever been on.

It only gets worse if you delve into the handle on those bets, with the Celtics only representing 6.5% of the total money wagered on next season’s champion. That trails the Warriors (11.8%), Los Angeles Clippers (10.9%), Denver Nuggets (10%), Milwaukee Bucks (9.1%), Phoenix Suns (8.7%) and Lakers (8.2%)

So, despite the heaps of praise being placed on the Celtics this offseason, there isn’t a consensus of love. The betting public clearly views their placement at the top of the odds list as a square choice.

Thumbnail photo via Darren Yamashita/USA TODAY Sports Images

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