Antonio Cromartie, Stan the Caddie, Leon Phelps, Chris Bosh All Possible Caddie Choices, Wing Men for Tiger Woods


Antonio Cromartie, Stan the Caddie, Leon Phelps, Chris Bosh All Possible Caddie Choices, Wing Men for Tiger Woods Tiger Woods needs a wing man.

And on the weekends, he'll need a caddie, but who is up for the challenge?

The planet's former top golfer recently fired his longtime caddie, Steve Williams, and is in need of someone to schlep around his bag once he returns to the links.

While Woods — the spitting, swearing, womanizing golfer — probably isn't the easiest athlete to work with, we've come up with a group of worthy candidates for him to choose from.

Leon Phelps, also known as "The Ladies Man" of 1990s Saturday Night Live fame, is a front-runner. This character, played by Tim Meadows, is a no-brainer, as he's likely out of a job and certainly enjoys women just as much as our man Tiger.

Romeo Posar, played by actor Cheech Marin in "Tin Cup." Not only was Romeo smart, funny and a good party partner, he … Okay, this is kind of a stretch, but if you don't agree that it's one of the greatest sports movies of all time, then you should go hit yourself with a 3-iron. Old Romeo deserves a shot.

Another caddie — who may very well run away with this thing — is Cosmo Kramer's dear friend and confidant, Stan the Caddie, from Seinfield fame. Although he's not good for legal advice, and likely won't be a popular wing man at the club, Stan sure knows his way away around a golf course. If Stan's not smooth enough, there's always the slickest caddie on the block, Tony D'Annunzio from "Caddyshack."

A guy who is used to the chilly outskirts of a spotlighted teammate or partner, much like Steve the caddie, is Chris Bosh. The Miami Heat "star" likely has caddie experience — double-bagging for LeBron James and Dwyane Wade on off days in South Beach, to be exact. Bosh needs the employment, too, as it sounds as if the NBA won't get its act together for quite some time.

Former fling Rachel Uchitel owes Tiger his $10 million in hush money back, so maybe she can make up for it in loops?

Speaking of professional athletes in need of a job, the NFL has a handful of guys scrambling to pay some bills. And if you're Antonio Cromartie, father of nine children, you've got a lot of bills to pay.

Who should Tiger Woods hire to be his new caddie?

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