Do You Wish Patriots Never Traded Richard Seymour to Oakland?


Do You Wish Patriots Never Traded Richard Seymour to Oakland? The Richard Seymour trade shortly before the 2009 season shocked everyone, and not all Patriots fans were on board. At least, though, there was the reassuring fact that the Patriots were going to get a very high draft pick in return. Or at least we all that.

As it turned out, Seymour helped the Raiders turn things around out in Oakland, as they finished with a respectable 8-8 record in 2010, thereby netting the Pats the 17th pick in the draft. They used that pick for Nate Solder, who looks to a be a very promising offensive tackle but isn't necessarily as flashy as, say, a top-five pick.

This weekend, Seymour will line up against his old team for the first time, and you know he'll be motivated to prove that Bill Belichick made a mistake. And maybe he did — since the trade, the Patriots are 24-8 in the regular season but 0-2 in the playoffs.

If you could have Belichick go back in time, would you have him hold off on the deal, or are you happy with the way things worked out?

Do you wish the Patriots never traded Richard Seymour?

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