Max Pacioretty’s Agent Alec Shall Complains About Suspension for Illegal Headshot


Max Pacioretty's Agent Alec Shall Complains About Suspension for Illegal Headshot

The Shanahammer dropped on Max Pacioretty on Monday, as Brendan Shanahan announced that Pacioretty would be suspended for three games because of his illegal hit to the head on Kris Letang. Pacioretty's agent, Alec Shall — surprise, surprise — disagrees with Shanahan's ruling.

"[Brendan Shanahan] said of Max Pacioretty 'This was an illegal hit to the head in which the head was recklessly targeted,'" Shall tweeted on Tuesday. "We disagree."

"Max made clear that he DID NOT target Letang's head," he continued. "He's sorry that Letang was hurt."

Oh, good, at least Pacioretty is sorry. But Shall isn't done. He also goes on the offensive to question the NHL's rulebook.

"For all players safety, we are against head shots," he continues. "The NHL should remove the gray area and not force [Shanahan] to make judgements. With the current rule, the hitting player has to target the head, and Max did not do that."

Apparently, Shanahan taking the time to tape English and French explanations was not enough to erase the "gray area" for Shall and Pacioretty. But to be fair, "I didn't target his head" sounds better than trying "His nose attacked my shoulder" as an excuse.

A complete transcript of Shall's comments are below, via Storify.

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