NFL Is Football Fans’ Only Fantasy on Sundays

NFL Is Football Fans' Only Fantasy on Sundays
Sundays are for NFL football and couch-sitting. All the rest has to wait until Monday.

Fantasy football has added a new dimension to the time-honored activity of watching football, as fans now have a way to feel invested in the outcomes even when their team isn't playing. Fortunately for New England and New York fans, they'll have a vested interest in the Sunday night game.

Football fans have plenty of other "fantasies" — but not on Sunday, as cartoonist Will O'Toole illustrates.

Since graduating from Seton Hall University, Will O'Toole has been doing cartoons for over 30 years for a number of papers (USA Today), magazines (College and Pro Football Weekly) and websites ( He is believed to be the only national cartoonist to have voted for the Heisman Trophy and the Wooden and Naismith Awards.



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