Report: Minnesota Vikings to Release Donovan McNabb


Donovan McNabb will soon be on the waiver wire for any team in need of a quarterback, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

Schefter tweeted on Thursday that the Vikings are expected to release their backup quarterback and place him on waivers. Christian Ponder has been starting for the Vikings since October.

The Cowboys are one team that may see value in picking up McNabb, since Tony Romo‘s backup, Jon Kitna, is currently injured. Schefter also speculates that the Bears would be in the running, since they and the Cowboys were two of the three teams to put in waiver claims for Kyle Orton.

Because the Texans recently signed Jake Delhomme, they are not expected to be in the hunt for McNabb, and would most likely not be awarded the waiver claim anyway since they lead their division.

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