Texans Linebacker Bryan Braman Loses Helmet, Still Crazily Lowers Head While Making Tackle (Video)


If there's one thing that we can take away from Sunday's Texans-Titans game, it's that Bryan Braman is a mad man.

Braman lost his helmet while covering a punt in the first quarter, but the Houston linebacker didn't let it stop him from making a play. Braman continued to pursue Marc Mariani, and he eventually tracked him down. Rather than going low or simply pushing Mariani out of bounds, though, Braman decided to deliver a head-to-helmet hit on the Titans return man.

"I just [kept] running after him," Braman said about the play after the game. "I just broke [away from blockers] and tried to get my head across my body and tackle with my shoulder pads. I guess it's just instinct."

Braman also said his teammates were fired up about his recklessness. Then again, how could you not be?

Check out Braman's crazy tackle in the video below.

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