Rob Gronkowski Works Shift at Dunkin Donuts, Also Says Recovery From Ankle Injury Is ‘On Pace’ (Photo)


Foxboro commuters making a stop at Dunkin Donuts on Tuesday morning for their morning coffee were probably pleasantly surprised when they realized that their cup of joe was coming with a shot of Gronk.

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski kicked off a new sponsorship deal with Dunkin Donuts on Tuesday morning by dropping by the Foxboro location to work a shift at the famous doughnut and coffee chain.

Gronkowski did some work at the drive-thru window, taking money and handing out the goods, while asking customers to "Gronk if you love Dunkin Donuts," according to

Even more importantly, Gronkowski gave an update on his injured left ankle.

"It's great," he said, according to the team website. "I'm like six and a half weeks out of surgery. I'm just getting better every day, taking it week by week and day by day. I'm walking around now. Everything is on pace. Hopefully I'm 100 percent when it comes down to the time I'm supposed to be."

Gronkowski worked his "shift" with a walking boot still on that injured left ankle, and while the All-Pro isn't sure when that will be able to come off, he does know that he's progressing well in his rehab.

"I don't know yet," he said when asked about the boot. "That's all in a couple of weeks. I'm just getting better every single day. I feel way better than last week. I feel way better since the first day of the surgery. It's coming along really well. Here on out, day by day, whatever I can do I'll be doing it. I'm definitely trying to get out there as soon as possible."

However, much of Gronkowski's focus Tuesday was on his new "job," an experience he sounded thrilled to be involved with.

"It was a pleasure. It was a blast. I got to see all the employees that … I'm always going through this drive-thru like twice a week every time I'm around town. Now I get to meet them all after serving me all the time.

"It was fun just going to the drive-thru. I met one customer that said they have a puppy named after me, named Gronk. So that was pretty cool. I did a couple of signatures on the cups. A lot of people were happy going through the drive-thru."

See a photo of Gronkowski manning the window in the photo below from the Patriots' Facebook page.

Rob Gronkowski Works Shift at Dunkin Donuts, Also Says Recovery From Ankle Injury Is 'On Pace' (Photo)

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