Red Sox’ 2010 Draftees Work Their Way Up Through Minors Together (Video)


Minor League Baseball is a grueling lifestyle. Between the bus rides, low pay and the day-to-day physical demands of being a professional athlete, the minors are a long way from the glamour of The Show. It probably helps to have a friend along for the ride.

Red Sox prospects Kolbrin Vitek and Bryce Brentz are an inseparable pair. Chosen only 16 slots apart in the 2010 amateur draft, the two have continued their journey together through four minor league stops, currently finding themselves with the Double-A Portland Sea Dogs.

The third baseman and right fielder, respectively, have had to make many adjustments as they work their way up through the minors. Having someone to talk to about advanced strike zones, approaches during at-bats and what adjustments to make only helps the process.

Watch the video above to hear Vitek and Brentz tell their story on NESN Daily.

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