Brady Celebrates Birthday in (Training Camp) Style


August 3, 2009

Brady Celebrates Birthday in (Training Camp) Style What do you get for the guy who has everything? Seriously ? everything.

Tom Brady celebrated his 32nd birthday Monday at Patriots training camp in Foxborough, but, as the Boston Globe reported, for the rest of the team, it was less about celebrating his big day and more about joking at the quarterback's expense.

After getting his helmet stolen while he was stretching, Brady had a huge bucket of ice water dumped on his head before getting birthday cake smeared in his face.

"He's kind of too old to hang out with now," joked Pats lineman Matt Light. "We've sang Happy Birthday to him a number of times over the years, but you could just see it in his eyes [this year]. He couldn't really light up like he used to. He's getting old."

When one of the reporters suggested getting Brady a cane or a wheelchair for his birthday, Light kept the joke going: "We were going to go with some sort of denture cream. But he's got good teeth. We thought maybe Rogaine or something, but his hair is looking pretty nice. What do you get for Tom Brady? I don't know."

Coach Bill Belichick — befitting his persona — was somewhat less excited about No. 12's 32nd. When Brady and Dan Koppen messed up a quarterback-center exchange during a drill, the coach forced both to run a lap.

"I thought that was kind of cute," said Light. "You don't run alone on your birthday."

But aside from a running companion, what do you think was on Tommy Boy's birthday list?

A beautiful girlfriend/wife? In perhaps the understatement of the millennium, I'd say he's set on that front.

A family? He already has a son with actress Bridget Moynahan and another child with Gisele Bundchen is coming soon.

Super Bowl titles? Got three of 'em.

Money? Not so much. He's already proven to have flower pots valued at more than my entire net worth.

A gig hosting Saturday Night Live? Done it.

How about a Family Guy episode? Too late on that front as well.

An appearance on Entourage? He'll be hanging with Vince and the boys on Aug. 9.

A new backup QB? New New England No. 3 Andrew Walter fits that bill.

Oooh, what about a healthy knee and success in the 2009 NFL season? No way Brady's too old to appreciate that.

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